Welcome at the site of  Indonesian Specialties Restaurant Tempo Doeloe.
In the Indonesian language tempo doeloe  means "the old days".
Many a person cherishes these old days, when quality was the norm, and people still had attention for one and another.
Quality and attention are pillars upon which the reputation of Restaurant Tempo Doeloe have been built.
In the kitchen only fresh, authentic ingredients are being used, and dishes are prepared with love.
The menu is carefully composed with original dishes, but also a more modern enjoyment is fully possible.
Further you may complete your dinner by making a selection from the excellent wine list.
In order to let you enjoy your dinner in peace, we had to decide to open the front door only after a person rings the bell.
Regretfully our restaurant is not any larger, but this is how we can stop vendors from crowding in between the tables.
This implies that also our guests will have to ring the bell.

Take your time to explore  the dishes at the following pages.

Selamat Makan